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I just bought a sunsun and I hope my tank drains out everywhere and ruins my floor just so I can say your right but until then. I have what I have and it works all the same. Sure I love expensive stuff, bbut in a lot of cases its just a fancified version of cheaper products. And ina lot of cases its true quality. Price doesn't make something quality, quality makes something good and the pricetag is set by the buyer. If you are willing to pay 2000 for a product you can bet they will sell it for that. Ever company has a different philosophy concerning price, there is a decision to make, high price high profit per person. Low price low prophet. 80 percent of the time they even out. Moore people are willing to spend less than people willing to spend more. Keep that in mind before you pay high prices on products. There are good quality items at great prices for those who aren't too ignorant to look
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