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ADA Mini M-Shut down and for sale

This will be a picture journal and learning process with my ADA Mini M. Feel free to give advice, even if it is stubbornly not taken! I will appreciate it. This is my first time with a Dry Start and a first time with CO2. I have been doing a dry start with 2 square inches of UG and two months later decided to add a bit more. So this is a 3 month dry start, if you want to call it that. I am using 50% RO and 50% Tap. The Tap water is very hard, with a 7.8 ph. I will be dosing EI dry ferts daily.

ADA Mini M tank
ADA Solar Mini Light
ADA Aquasoil 1 Powder
Eheim 2213
GLA Paintball Regulator
GLA Atomic inline diffuser
Cal Aqua 13mm nano lily pipes
Rumford Aquatic Tools
Hydor Inline Heater
GLA Dry Ferts
Yamaya Stone

Possibly Rotala Indica or Rotala Butterfly later on

Currently-1 Zebra Danio
Future Residents are:
Danio Erythromicron (Emerald Dwarf Rasbora) 4-6 of them
1 Amano Shrimp

Dry Start with supplies that have all arrived:


Gotta Love ADA:

And also thanks to ADA, here is my Mountain Dew Water, caused by tannins. The water is very clear, but has the tea or Mountain Dew Color to it. It has been very clear the whole time but within a few hours of filling it started to turn yellow. I'm doing 50% water changes daily to hopefully beat this tannin garbage. I plan on picking up some Purigen. Not sure if that will help though:

I'm not sure when to start dosing EI. I think I am going to wait a bit and see what this water does. UG doesn't require a lot of ferts and I do have aquasoil.

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