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Jut ordered two bags of ADA Aquasoil NEW! Lets see how that goes. I need to cover up the Powersand thats showing up on the top of the substrate. Too many to push down since everything was all mixed up pretty badly.

Also getting some awesome advice on the LED fixture for the tank. I will be ordering parts this coming week.

Across the street from my building there is a huge ware house thats over 100 years old, anyway, I bought five 8 foot wooden beams. For 30 bucks. They are 4x5s, something like that, so these are going to be used for the frame for the new stand I am going to build for this tank. They also had some nice 2x6 planks that I will buy tuesday to use as the floor and the side and back wall of the tank. It's going to be really nice. It's a very dark wood. Reminds me of the wood on an old Pirate ship lol.

I ordered more Blyxa to replace the ones lost.

Ugh, it was so lush you couldn't even see the bottom portion of the tree!

My 120 Gallon Shrimp Tank Rebuild finally started!!

New Journal:

Old Journal:

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