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I did as Macclellan suggested, trimmed BBA leaves, Excel OD, adjusted the lights where the 2nd fixture comes on for a 4 hour burst mid-day, and put an air stone in at night (which I had already been doing.)

I did this right before I left for vacation for 9 days. I had someone come by and dump pre-measured ferts in the tank twice. I did not know what I would come home to, but to my surprise the BBA is all gone and the plants went crazy! I did have a small patch of dwarf sag melt away which is a little odd.

All the fish seem to be doing fine as well despite my paintball CO2 tank being empty. I filled it the day before I left so I'm not sure what happened since I usually get almost a month on a full cylinder.

Here is what the tank looks like. I might do a light trim and let the plants continue to grow where they are since some are new and are just getting established. I randomly planted them where there was some available substrate. I do like the jungle look though!

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