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You think a betta in a cup is bad....

Just horrible.
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Certain cultures are so cruel to's hard to fathom.
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Amazing..... you shouldn't even have to take the time to outlaw that it should be in the soul to not want to do it.... Well people dissapoint me regularly.

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And to think I agonized for years over my excess fry & what to do.

5 tanks & growing! Gotta get some moonlights so my fish can sleep cus I cant stop lookin!
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i just cooked myself a full meal and now have no appetite..
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People setting them free is worth. Yeah, let's introduce more nonnative species to decimate ecosystems and introduce diseases! Just mercy kill or take care of it.


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"What would Takashi Amano do?"

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Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
[...]chopping down the trees in the rainforests that generate most of the oxygen for our planet[...]
Actually, isn't it algae that generates most of the oxygen for our planet?
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Oh my god I've seen this before. Just another sign of soulless, disposable obsessed, consumerism society.

My 20 gallon planted shrimp tank is my pride and joy!
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You think a betta in a cup is bad....

Ignorance should be criminal

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Originally Posted by Msheresy View Post
This is sickening but I also understand that they have a different culture. Many countries still hunt whales even though its illegal in many other countries. It's all about the culture.

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I understand that you're trying to be understanding but this is why I have become hostile to relavatism. Just because other cultures have a belief doesn't mean we are bound to respect said belief. If I come from a culture that says I have to hunt you, do you have to respect me shooting at you? What if I yell that I'm being oppressed?

I used to be much more friendly to this concept, but not any longer and it is stuff like this key chain that is a good example why. The fact is that either approach projects your own culture onto someone else, so why not simply follow what you believe to be right? In this case this is simply not right to do if only because this is unsustainable and wasteful (forget the inhumanity for a moment).

Originally Posted by gSTiTcH View Post
Actually, isn't it algae that generates most of the oxygen for our planet?
I'm not certain, but I think that the rainforests produce a majority of all LAND based oxygen and the algae produces a majority of the WATER/SEA/OCEAN based oxygen. I think the algae, overall, is thought to produce a plurality of our planetary oxygen.

Like I said, I might have remembered this wrong, but I've quoted it wrong in the past, as have others, and decided to look it up at some point and realized that it's a bit more complex that most people realize. Man, if I had a dollar for every time I've had realization in my life.....

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I think if I saw someone with one of these, I would approach him/her and say "that is really cool! Where did you get it?." Then I would ask to get a closer look at it, take it in my hands and hold it up and admire it. Then I would run real fast somewhere and free the poor animal.

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Our culture is/was just as guilty of things like this. Goldfish platform shoes. Live scorpions and other insects frozen in time into epoxy paperweights. The biosphere ball etc etc

Have you ever looked into how many of the animals we eat are actually kept? It's not old McDonald I can tell you that much. It's the same thing. Just because they're not "cute little pets" people look the other way. I love meat don't get me wrong, but we're just as guilty imo.
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While this is awful, how many creatures were murdered to build your house, to build your place of business, how many creatures were killed to provide your power plant the land to power the device you use to view this forum, and then let's discuss the pollution created to power your cars, power your computer, and how it effects every aspect of this planet from the ocean to the mountains.
How many fish died during the trip and in the store for you to get a single specimen. Boston is dumping snow laden with pollutants and insecticides into the ocean, and when the water plant can't handle the excess water during storms anything dumped in the drain gets sent to a lake or ocean. Humans are a disease on this planet.
If we think about how rampant disease is when it takes hold in an aquarium you begin to understand how Mother Nature balances ecosystems with disease due to over population, and now you know why diseases, both autoimmune and cancer are so rampant in our society, yet we continue to seek a cure for all of these diseases.
And the real question many will hate me for, why are humans more important then the bug or squirrel that gets hit by a car or squashed by a shoe. The answer is we are not, and if there is one species this planet would be better without, which do you think it would be? I don't even need to answer that question.
Bottom line, don't think you are innocent, and don't judge unless you live a self sustaining life, which you don't if you are reading this. We are ALL GUILTY!

If in doubt, add more plants!

My not-enough-plants-but-not-enough-space-to-put-anymore-so-will-start-going-up-box-of-water.
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