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Lighting for Poor people like me 8)

rite now i have a 16" hood for 5.5 gallon. it has a 10 watt fluorescent screw-in bulb. with the help of i figured out how to double my lighting for 7 bucks. i went to home depot and bought:

screw-in bulb socket- less than 1 buck
extension cord- less than 1 buck
electrical tape- freebie* found it in a drawer in the computer room 8)
wire things used to tie trash bags- freebie* found in kitchen
10 watt screw-in bulb- 5 dolores
Soda can- *from closet after i drank it
= 7 bucks.

plug socket into extension cord. cut a hole in back of hood with scissors to let cord through. messily, tape outlet section of extension cord to side of strip light with socket attached. screw in bulb. use trash bag thingys to secure bulb in place. To make a crappy reflector... cut can to make a sheet and secure underneath bulb with tape. yay. done! plug in to timer or wall or whatever u want. simple and cheap.
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