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I got 2 new 96 watt compact flourecent 5,500 bulbs installed in my Current USA Orbit light hood today and my CO2 tank is full as I await a Carbon Doser EX5000 CO2 reactor to come UPS tommorro. As for now I have 3.01 wpg with a 1.73 wpg fixture on for 11 hrs and a 1.28 wpg fixture on for 5 hrs for a total of 25.43 wpg per day, just a little over the 24 wpgpd recommended by the PPS site. The plants have perked up and are pearling away with the new light, although the tank did look better slightly after I returned from a weeks vacation at Myrtle Beach, more time is needed for the diatoms to clear, I hoping rapid growth will help. I also ordered 10 Oto's from Petco of all places to help with the diatoms as it is their favorite algea and they will be in next week. After I make some progress I will post a new pic with the hope of good results.
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