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Today while doing water changes I noticed that the output of the Rena XP-2 on my 29 gallon was nonexistent. So I unplugged it and started cleaning it. The filter media was very clean as it was just cleaned about three weeks ago. So I started trouble shooting the setup. Figured out it was the CO2 reactor. I thank my lucky stars I built the reactor with a removable top. Dumped out the bio-balls and they were fine. I remembered that I had put some dish scrubber at the bottom of this reactor and it was yellow. Got a flashlight and looked in the reactor and all I could see at the bottom was a black mass. It's not fun trying to pull a dirty dish scrubber from the bottom of a 16" long reactor. But I got it out and it was clogged with gunk. So I just decided I was not going to go through this again and removed it. Put everything back together and then noticed that the impeller on the XP-2 was FUBAR from trying to pump against the back pressure. Well I needed an excuse to go to the LFS today.
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