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Originally Posted by joetaff View Post
Yes I will be doing 5 lb pressurized set up, I want high light for sure, from hoppys thread this is what I think it says. 2 t5ho bulbs are high light on a 20 inch deep tank, since my 29 is 16" high, and I will most likely use the mounting legs which are roughly 4" so I'd be at about 20" so that means with a 2x24 t5ho I would have high light? I'm looking at ancurrent satellite 2x24 at big ALS that has individual reflectors. It's not as many watts as the coralife 2x31 but I don't think the coralife has great reflectors, so the current usa would be better? Thoughts?
Hoppy's chart was made using T5HO fixtures that have amazing reflectors (when T5HO bulbs have separate reflectors for each bulb they give off so much more light).

If you buy a fixture with a single reflector then make sure you multiply the expected par on hoppys chart by about 2/3 because they will give off approximatly 2/3'rds of the par ( i tested this on my old zoomed fixture with T5HO 2x 24 watt lights over my 29 gallon tank and only got 35 par from a distance of 24 inches). If you buy a really nice light fixture with reflectors on each bulb then you can follow hoppys chart more.
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