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I live in a small town north of Everett, And you can see what tanks i already have in my signature but im about to pick up another 10 gallon from a friend who doesnt want to set it up again

29 gallon freshwater (Egglayers)
7 danios, 2 Fathead Minnow ,3 Cherry barb, 6 Black skited tetra, 3 red eyed tetra, 2 platy fry, 1 guppy fry
1 gallon freshwater
33 babies(1 platy. 32 swordtail)
14 gallon freshwater (Live breeders)
8 Platies, 6 Mollies, 5 Guppies, 3 swordtails, 1 endler/guppy cross
55 gallon tank
1 Maroon Clown fish, 1 Yellow tang, 1 Yellow Stripped Blennie, 1 Black Velvet damsel, 1 Tomato Clown fish, 1 regular "Nemo" Clown fish, 1 feeder snail
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