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Algae Internet Resource Guide

The following resources are at your disposal to identify and research different forms of algae:

There was some research done by one of our members and published within the planted tank guide as well.

If you have additional information that you would like to add to this, please use the following format and post to this thread:

Algae Name:
Nicknames: (for example: BGA for blue green algae)
Brief written description: (info on the algae, what it looks like, etc..)
Typical Causes: (tank conditions, lighting spec, etc...)
Difficulty rating: (Difficulty in reducing or eliminating the algae. Easy, Medium, Hard)
Propagation speed: (Speed at which it will overtake the tank under perfect algae growing conditions. Slow, Medium, Fast)
Suggested Cures:
If there are additional links or resources that you would like added, please post them and I will amend/update the first post of this thread periodically.

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