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I want to put my A+ rating in for Forest Lake Pets and for Terre Quatics. I visited both of these shops for the first time this last week and I really enjoyed both stores! Theresa at Terre Quatics was very helpful and she had what I consider to be the perfect trait for a sales person: she seemed to sense when I wanted to talk and ask questions about something versus when I just wanted to explore her store a little more on my own. Her prices were fair and she was very kind to my son who was with me that day. My son is 13 and is severely autistic, but he is verbal and loves to ask people questions about his favorite topics. He is fascinated with any and all things related to pets, but he is especially fascinated with aquariums (he has 3 of his own tanks in his room, including his own nanoreef tank). Theresa spent time answering many of his questions. She then very kindly hooked him up with some inexpensive, used supplies so that he could set up a tadpole tank (he had gotten his hands on 2 bullfrog tabpoles, don't ask...). Zack was thrilled and Theresa's kindness earned her a place in my heart and a customer in me for life that day.

Several days later I made the trek up to Forest Lake Pets on my own while Zack was in school. I was very impressed with the sheer variety of merchandise they had on hand. Their tanks were well kept and their stock looked healthy. I felt like a kid in a candy store! They had a whole line of tank starter kits that had LED fixtures in the hoods. They were so pretty! The light from the hoods just seemed to sparkle. I had to have one! But if I came home with a new tank for me, my hubby would probably divorce me. So I did the next best thing, I bought my son a new tank! I got him a 10 gallon kit with the LED lights and I want to say it was under $50. Zack was thrilled and it made me pretty happy too, I must say.

Both stores were terriffic, and we will be visiting them quite regularly I am sure.
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