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Has anyone tried to overdrive one of those round fluorescent lights? I mean the ones bent into a circle shape like my grandma used to have in the kitchen way back in 19XX....? :-)

I saw a couple of other people mention in this thread that they have 15 XH tanks. I have one too; it's one of those odball sizes: 12x12x24h. The only fluorescent lights that would fit are those 1/2" thin ones like are used in those battery-powered camping lanterns. I was thinking that one of those round fluorescent lights would work really great.

They come in 9" and 12" diameters I think, and they are about 1" in diameter, which is the same as a T8. Since the cicumference of a circle is Pi times the diameter, that makes the 9" one 28 inches long, and the 12" one 36" long - putting both of them well into the range of "safe to overdrive" if I am understanding what I have read here in this thread.

Let me know what you all think. If I don't get a reply, I'll have to go get some bulbs and some saftey glasses and see if I can't blow something up.
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