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I would use soilent green for the grazers, to be honest.
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Is the smell that bad? I feel like 1 in 20 posts will mention that the smell is horrible, to the point of gagging. I wonder if there are certain kinds that smell worse. Maybe Meat Pie?

I'm excited to try feeding this to my otos. I've tried algae wafers but they seem to ignore them and they get gobbled up by all my other fish and shrimp before they even find it. Plus, the algae wafers seem to break down pretty fast and I cringe watching the little bits tear away and float down into the substrate.
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What smells bad to us is often delicious to our critters.


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I am so excited to use this, I just can't wait until I get my shrimp! I really wanna spoil them, Repashy is such an AMAZING product line for all things exotic...
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I agree it does smell a little. I think its more that the smell is not common,
but great food. I put a little test peice in and it was gone in minutes.
Thanks for making this Mr. Repashy.
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Which food would you recommend for CPD and B. maculata fry? I can't decide between the Community or the Aufwuchs.

Also, have you tried this on your bichirs? What is their response?

EDIT: I just read back a few pages and saw mention of Spawn and Grow... is that available and would you recommend it for my fry situation?

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Easy/non-smelly Repashy making

I've been using this since April and love it. Still perfecting a surface delivery method, which my tetras prefer, but my otos/corys are ecstatic with cubes directly on the substrate.

Since some people seem concerned about difficulty &/or smell, I'm posting my minimalist approach I'm vegetarian & hate lingering smells. Even when made inside, I'd call it "objectionable" but not horrible. The key is to lid the container while the powder sets &/or shorten the period between the powder being mixed and setting. It's SO easy and fast to work with. I assume you have to interact with it more if you're using driftwood, etc, but you definitely don't HAVE to do that.

Here's my zero-indoor-smell method. The short version: do the mixing outside, hold your breath if you want because it goes fast, and run away. The longer version:

1. Grab a heat-safe, thick glass/ceramic container (e.g., Pyrex). These don't hold odors/flavors, but they do hold heat. Size depends on batch size: I use a loaf pan, but anything will work (measuring cup, 9x9" or 9x13" brownie/lasagna pan, etc.)

2A. Achieve boiling water + hot container combo by either
(i) measuring water into container and microwaving to a rolling boil (=big bubbles for ~30 secs), or
(ii) letting the container sit, filled with hot water, for ~5 mins (if you don’t let the heat “soak into” the container the mixture won't set well), while you're boiling water on the stove. When stove water reaches a rolling boil, pour hot water out of container and pour (measured) boiling water in.

2B. Meanwhile, measure out powder; take it and a whisk outside.

3. Take the container filled with boiling water outside (use oven mitts!). Dump powder in, whisk well, and leave.

4. Return 5-30 mins later. Depending on outdoor temp, it may have set already; if not put a lid on it (or foil, etc.) and refrigerate until set.

5. Cut into serving-sized cubes & freeze in freezable container. The size cubes I use come apart while defrosting (~5 min) or can be pried apart with a knife while frozen (bigger cubes might be more cumbersome).

Hope this helps someone! This food is so great.
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I read this thread, looked at youtube videos and talked to Rachel long before deciding to try out this food. I got some in just recently mixed up a batch of the soilent green. Here is my lovely review of the product.

It does give off a fishy odor, but no more than when you cook salmon and dissipates quickly. I don't eat fish/seafood and I didn't find it overbearing by any means.

When I first tried it, the otos and shrimp stalked around it trying to decide whether or not they wanted to taste the food.

Finally, they took the plunge. The shrimp swarmed it first:

And then as the otos started to smell the food getting eaten (I guess this was the case), they pushed aside the shrimp for their share:

And mystery snails like it too:

It's a big success and I haven't seen this much attraction toward a food for my otos. They are extremely picky and seem to only eat foods when algae is sparse. Now, I have to put in two chunks, one for the shrimp and another for the otos. The snails clean up the rest and it's gone within hours. I also noticed all the of age female shrimp are berried which means I may need more food.

One thing I learned that is important. Cover your food in the fridge when you store or it can dry out after a couple days. The far edges are a little on the crunchy side now, but the shrimp didn't mind it.

I give this food an A+ as I've not seen anything quite like it. I can't wait to try out the food for other fish.

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Question - Sorry if this has been asked already. I skimmed the thread.

I'm using this for feeding shrimp. How long should I leave it in the tank for? I notice the Shrimp Souffle package says "Finished product can last for 24 hours or longer". That seems like a long time for shrimp food to be left in the tank.

How do you get it out?
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I have left it up to 4 days without issues. that being said, if you are feeding that much you should probably scale back your portions Generally, there is nothing left to clean out (with appropriate portion sizes), otherwise, it is easy to vac it out
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Ok, thanks. I've had it for a while, but never got around to actually mixing some up before, so have no idea how much my shrimp will eat. Didn't want to foul the water leaving it in too long (I feed in a petri dish, so there's not too much mess).
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Just wondering if you can simply leave the food in the tank until the livestock have finished it.
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I feed based on what my critters will eat in a 24 hour period. So it's definitely water stable for that length of time.

Reality, though, is that once they discover the tasties? It never lasts more than a few hours before it's devoured.
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If you don't drop in too big a piece at a time you shouldn't have any problem, it doesn't last anytime in my tanks. Gourami will even come down to the bottom to demolish this stuff.
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Yeah, I leave it. It's always gone within hours, between the shrimp and snails. As far as smell, I barely noticed any smell with the shrimp souffle. I had to stick my nose in the bowl to get any real odor. I let mine set up and cut it in cubes about the size of a pencil eraser and then I dehydrate it. Keep it in the fridge in a ziplock and throw a cube or two in the tank and it rehydrates as it's being eaten. Works out great. I'll be ordering more soon, probably try some other varieties along with the shrimp souffle.

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