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I've got some DIY CO2 running to my tank as of today. First day bubble rate is 30 bbm but still rising. I'm not EI dosing, but just want to add some CO2 to augment the usually very low levels found in a tank. I'll work out the ferts later. I just have to keep vigilant on any algae blooming due to the greatly increased light levels.

After going through 2 air stones, I finally found a CO2 diffuser that works well at 1 bubble per second. A bamboo chopstick. Bubbles come out large and fast, but as they quickly start to rise, they shrink almost to mist size and slow way down and start to float around in the water currents. I'll get a proper diffuser or external reactor eventually, but not for awhile. This whole DIY CO2 setup cost me well under ten bux. If this experiment works out, I'll probably move on to pressurized CO2 later this year. So much for my low tech tank status LOL.


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