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I am starting to get more growth out of my plants and things are filling in. I bought a plant package from the sns and they are adapting to my tank well and starting to grow.

I am having a bit of an issue with BBA and maybe staghorn algae now. I always had a little here and there and it was easy to trim those leaves. Now it is growing faster and I am having a hard time keeping it out of the tank. I have pulled all the moss out of the tank because it was covered with BBA. It is also growing on the eco complete/flourite substrate. Any clues what could be causing this?

Lighting: (2) 48" Coralife T5NO 112 watts total directly on glass top with new bulbs.

Fertz: 1/4tsp KNO3 3x week
1/8tsp KO2PO4 3x week
1/8tsp CSM+B 3x week

CO2 registers green/yellow on drop checker. Turned it down just below the point where fish looked uncomfortable.

I want to buy a new light, but not sure if that will make the problem worse.

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