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Originally Posted by sns26 View Post
If your calculations are right, then my own array (27 mostly XP-Gs over a 36"x18"x20"h tank) is going to be a fryalator, not a light source. But I knew from the start that I might be going overboard.

What are you going to use to drive the moonlights?
I'm hoping that with 1300 mAmps the light will be high light, so when dimmed, and the color adjusted, it will be 40-50 mms of PAR. The 3 moonlight LEDs will have their own 350 mAmp driver, not adjustable, but also not very bright at that distance, with 60 degree optics. I think I would leave the moonlights running along with the other LEDs, to add some blue for better color in the fish.

I have the heatsink and aluminum channels screwed together now. I used a flat sanding block to flatten the mating surfaces, and used some heatsink grease between them for better heat transfer. Now, I'm struggling with installing the hanging kit, from RapidLed - as they noted, it doesn't fit well between fins on the heatsink I have. It only lacks about 1/32 inch of making it, so a small rotary file should make room.

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