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Originally Posted by ADA View Post
Nice!!! Can you tell me which one is the best? I'm having some inconsistencies with my paintball diy.. it won't stay at 1bps. Either stops after a few hours, or worse, increases to over 20bps.

Will all of those valves you listed be strong enough to control the full force of a paintball tank? (800+ psi) Because the paintball tank is only capable of either on or off, right? So the valve needs to be strong enough that it won't burst under that pressure.

I don't want to get involve in the argument of which one is best, It is your decision to get the one you believe its the best and worth the value.

Swagelok 31 series, or hoke 2300 series are high pressure metering valve, they can work under high pressure, but they are not regulator.
if the PSI difference is 800 PSI between inlet and outlet of these two metering valves, the flow is relatively fast, Cv rate increase as the pressure difference rise.

And I doubt it is safe to put them to work, 800 PSI is a real challenge for rest of the fittings and connectors, you need a regulator to lower the pressure anyway.
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