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Originally Posted by redfishsc View Post
The y-axis is some unit of intensity. I will email my friend and double check, but I believe he said that it's basically a unit of intensity that the spectrometer uses but is otherwise an arbitrary unit.

I'll email him and see what he says. A PAR reading would be nicer though. We were not able to get PAR data due to time constraints (that would have taken a long time with all these LEDs).

My mistake. The NW/WW combo was mislabled. I never did a WW/NW combo because they are so similar.

I fixed it in the post above. Here is the correct image.
A PAR meter is a quick easy thing and someone will get it some time at some point, that I am less worried about.

It can depend on the lens, the spread, driver and area etc more so than say T5 lights.........

You can predict the PAR somewhat based on the graph, but not that much really. You need the lens type, area, distance and pattern of lamps, this can vary all over the place.

Tom Barr
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