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Originally Posted by wootlaws View Post
thanks so much for sharing this. at this point of leds the only drivers that seem most popular and easiest to deal with are meanwells. let's say i plan to have 100 leds, i would need at least 10 meanwell drivers which would be almost $300 at $30 each. as you had already stated having 10 of these drivers in 1 ac outlet doesn't seem that feasible. currently i am trying to find a way to power my 100 leds.

The Meanwells will run 12-14 leds per driver depending on the led's Vf.
The Cat4101 chip will run 6-7 led's per string depending on the led's Vf.

You would need at least 8 meanwells to run 96 leds or 16 cat4101's and an appropriately rated 24 volt power supply. The amp capacity of your power supply will be determined by multiplying your desired drive current by the number of Led strings. For example- 16 strings driven @ 700 ma would require 11.2 amps. A Meanwell 24v-13amp power supply would work perfectly, and can be found dirt cheap on EBay.
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