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Update: Got two new Sunblaster 36" 39W 6500 K T5HO fixtures w/reflectors installed on top of the glass cover 22" from the substrate. They're on separate timers for an 11 hour photo period with a 3 hour overlap burst. I didn't buy 'em from the LFS or OLFS. I got them from a local indoor hydroponic indoor gardening dealer. Better bang for the buck IMHO. Sunblaster strip lights - Nanotech reflectors
$95 for both sets.
Hopefully the plants will take off more than any algae.

I can't really get more plants until my manzanita driftwood hard scape plan gets implemented.

BTW I'm not feeling too sorry for my white clouds as they were feeders when I bought them. Their somewhat shortened lives should be much better than what their original fate was going to be.


45 gal tall high-tech : 2-23-12 update
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