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Ikebana Inspired Tank -20 long-

Hey Everyone,

This is my first attempt at a planted tank and it's proving to be very fun! I got this Blue Jack Dempsey when he was 1/2 inch long. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for checking this out, cheers!

I most recently changed this tank to reflect the Ikebana style of arranging plants. Thanks for checking this out!
*Update November '11*

Tank Specs:

20 Long
Eheim 2213 (Best money I've ever spent)
Aquaclear 30(Filled with polyester filter floss)
Aquaclear 101 powerhead (80gph)
Azoo drop checker
6 watt UV sterilizer
Flourite Black Sand
Diy 3 24" T8 Bulbs

Fertilizers every other day: 1/4 tsp Spectracide Stump Remover (Potassium Nitrate), 30 drops of Fleet Enema (Potassium Phosphate), 1/8 tsp Morton Salt Substitute (Potassium), 4ml Flourish (micro's)

Echinodorus Amazonicus
Aponogeton Crispus
Anubias Barteri petite
Anubias Barteri nana
Hygrophila Difformis
Hygrophyla corymbosa "stricta"
Ceratophyllum submersum
Elocharis acicularis
Alternanthera reineckii

I had a glass nano lasted a good 2 weeks before I broke it

Added some Hornwort I pulled from a pond (did the h202 sterilization dip) and boiled some driftwood

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