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Announcements in Forum : Alpha Pro Breeders
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New Sponsor Forum Rules....

The forum Sponsor forums are now only to be used to ask vendors questions you might have about their product/service. It is also a place for the vendor to announce new products or special deals.

These forums are not to be used as a place to give your opinion on the sponsor. Use the online vendor forum for this. Any posts of this nature will be deleted immediately.

Thank you,


It is unfortunate, but apparently we must make it clear that Sponsors are expected to abide by all the same Forum Rules as the rest of the TPT membership. Sponsors pay for the privilege of advertising their businesses in their special forums, in their signatures, and in the TPT banner ads. ALL business-related activity is restricted to these venues, and business promotion and solicitation is not permitted in the regular hobby forums from any of the membership- no matter forum membership level.

Thank you,

TPT Moderation Team

Please Send all Support Requests to forumadmin
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