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Hiya! I've lived in AR for a year now, in Lamar which is 1/2 way between Ft. Smith & Little Rock. I'm a basic aquarium lover, nothing fancy.

I've got a 5g in the bathroom on the ledge of the jet tub so when I'm having a therapy session for my back pain, I can stare into it for some real relaxation. In this little tank I've got about 5 Guppies, 1 loach, 1 "catfish", 1 Plecto, 1 Mollie & 1 large snail. It has a gravel/sand substrate with a nice healthy plant & some long stringy feathery moss that seems to grow quite well in there.

(Sorry but I have severe heart disease & a medically recognized memory problem because of restricted blood flow so I forget stuff all the time & can't remember the names of them or specifically named fish species. Sometimes I have a brilliant flash of memory & remember but mostly not.)

I also have a neat little triangular 1.5g plastic "aquarium" between my bathroom's 2 sinks. I have a nice fat-bodied goldfish in it. He loves to do the shimmy at the corner every time I walk through the bathroom for me to stop & talk while I treat him with 2 or 3 pellets. 8-)

My favorite is my 55g in the living room. I'm proud to say I got everything but the fish, water & plants from a CraigsList $120 sale! It is my first live-planted tank.

The left rear corner has some plants called Wisteria; along the back are several beautiful large leaved plants that are very happy (same as the 1 in my 5g in the bathroom); and I think I have a Crypt & a couple of bulbs that's sprouted & hopefully will make it.

The aquarium has a double hood with a fluorescent plant light in each. Hanging off the back is 2-double filters, I also have an internal pump on the right wall that gives extra aeration across the tank.

I have a pea-sized gravel substrate & have just recently fertilized my plants with several little frozen Osmocote cubes placed here & there at the bases of the plants.

In this tank I have 1 angel, 1 frog, 1 Plecostamus (?), 3 or 4 "catfish", a couple big snails, a few loaches, 3 or 4 Neon Tetras, 2 Fire Tetras, 5 Tiger Tetras, 5 Guppies, & 5 Mollies.

At morning & then at night, I give my fish a feeding of a homemade tossed blend of freeze-dried blood worms cubes (torn apart), dried shrimp, frog pellets, 2 different kinds of flakes & a pelleted fish food (forgot the name).

I do so love my fish! They are a great stress & pain reliever, watching them in their own peaceful world.

I think it would be great fun to have a get together here & there to see each other's tanks & if we have an abundance of plants, to share them with one another.

I am a child of God, not of religion.

~*~ Our faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God ~*~
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