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Originally Posted by jahmic View Post
Did you get those Amano shrimp from Fish Den?

A previous batch that I got from there had a definite gold tint...those are in my 6gal. I just picked up a few about a week ago to add to the riparium...they had a very noticeable blue tint. At first I thought it was just something they ate? but they kept that color for at least a week. Pretty sure they escaped from my tank at some point over the weekend though...did a WC yesterday and didn't see a single one. Crazy if they escaped the riparium after a 16" climb above the water line.

Careful Noah, I think the blue ones can fly.
I got them from aqua imports. I have had amano escapees before lol, saw one scurrying across the glass lid on my 36 one night , came across the top, and back into the water on the other end
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