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Quick update. Diatoms EVERYWHERE!!! there must be a crap ton of silicate in the background or tank equipment lol. The foam background is pretty covered in diatoms. I added two Amano shrimp to help fight them, and provide some entertainment. I might add a couple more. I decided only Male Amano shrimp since they are smaller than the big Bertha females. The ones I got have a slightly bluish tint to them, quite different than the others in my 36 gal. that have a goldish tint.

They have been as happy as a fat kid in a candy buffet lol. bouncing from one place to another place eating what they could grab.

I did have one bit of bad news though, Jelly the Dario passed away. Somehow he managed to get stuck between the glass and the filter, and could not get out all night. I do plan on getting another in the near future though.

Here are a few pics.

Crenata slowly starting to fill in

Munchin on the Diatoms on the C. Parva

Quick overview
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