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Originally Posted by chad320 View Post
How big is your tank? Looks like a 20L but its hard to say from a pic. Did your water clear? Everyone settle in OK? It going to be a long wait but all of those long waits are worth it
I believe it's a 20L or a 30L. It was given to me so I'm not really sure. Everyone is settled in great. They are really active just like most cories but are maybe even a bit more so. They also shoal like crazy deffinantly mores than any Cory I have kept. I think the cloudy water is related to the fact that I have never cleaned the 2217 that's on this tank (the one I have that says it's from west Germany) and it's been a year or more. This 2217 doesn't have the disconnects so that's the deterrent that's been causing me to not clean it.

Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
Nice! Just last week I was over at a friend's fishroom and he had some Scleromystax of some kind. They are pretty cool fish.

They are, I would recommend then to anyone with a fairly large tank so you could get 6 or more and because I have read that they can get up to 4".
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