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Originally Posted by xmas_one View Post
Where did you get the jar, its really neat!
I got it at Target, either in the cooking section or their vases; I bought it five or six years ago though. I used it for a couple of years to hold pond water in my classroom then it sat in my basement for a few after we moved. I dug it out again when I needed a home for the guppy babies and decided to make a decent aquarium out of it. The rest of the setup followed from the need to keep the lid on the thing and the light firmly attached to the tank because my cat is the devil.

Originally Posted by JCoxRocks View Post
This tank is sooooooo cool! I actually dreamt about it last night. I dreamt that I saw it in an old house I used to live in. Such a really neat tank and setup.

I m in ur dreemz, designin ur fish tankz.

Originally Posted by matt12 View Post
looks cool!! btw your mystery plant is Lobelia cardinalis 'Small Form'
Thanks much. I tried the plant profiles here but didn't find it, didn't think to check APC.

I really like the look of the guppy fry in this thing, I might try to find some very very small schooling fish to replace them with once they're ready to come out. I want this to be primarily a shrimp tank, but it's height leaves a fair amount of unused room for them, even with the wood/plants to climb around on.

The shrimp have claimed a hole in the back of the wood as their domain. It's maybe 1/2" diameter and 1" deep and there are always at least 5 shrimp crammed in there.

I'm also thinking of cutting another slot in each of the fins of my light and seeing if I can bend them outward, kind of like a flower. It should improve the heat sink and let the light spread out a little earlier so that there is less of a spotlight effect. I might also be able to cover the LEDs a bit more effectively with that in place.
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