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I really wanted the tank to further along before I posted any photos, comming from almost two years of neglect there are still some problem areas that need to be addressed, but here it goes.

I have done the major part of the cleaning but I still need to get into the corners and scrub out the algae, the Crypts in the front right also have an algae problem that is starting to clear but if it doesn't happen I will remove them and clean by hand (these are leftovers and 5 years old), and this may be the best solution because the substrate under them looks kinda gross. I have to get 4 more new light bulbs, redo the intake and exhaust tubes that will include an external reactor and inline Hydor heaters so the tube style heaters are comming out. I am also going to make the exhaust and intake for the filters vertical in the tank and I am currently searching for some black 1/2" tubing. My filters are Eheim 2215's and both sides will have inline heater, in addition the left side will have a inline CO2 reactor and the right has a UV sterilizer, so I am going to overdrive the filters will impellers from the 2217. I also may use some other plants, for the time being I got what I thought would survive the lighting w/o CO2. plus even with big water changes the tank had a build up of nitrates and the ph was a bit high, although I have vacuumed almost all of the substrate, cleaned both filters, and scrubed out most of the algae, the tank needs some more maintenance to have the water quality needed and at the moment I am kitless as in test kit.
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