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Drop checker newbie here. I just got my drop checker in the mail and whipped up a batch of 4 dhk standard, added my pH reagent, and threw the drop checker in the tank.

Here is where my understanding of the chemistry behind what is going on gets fuzzy and I'd like someone to explain this to me if they can. Allow me to present the facts

I have a heavily planted 125 gallon with a 10 lb pressurized system that is pumping out about 3 to 4 bps. My drop checker is yellow reflecting a pH of approximately 6.4, by the chart provided with it, and co2 levels close to 70 ppm. However, when I actually test my water parameters my pH is sitting at 7.2 to 7.4. I do have hard water here so I'm not worried about the pH crash and I have crushed up cuttle bone in my canister to ensure that my pH stays at nuetral or above for my snails but what I don't understand is the inconsistency between the drop checker and the actual pH level.

I know that during the gas exchange inside the drop checker co2 is absorbed by the pH solution lowering the pH and changing the color but with a calcium carbonate buffer skewing my readings how do I know when its accurate? I mean how valid is this yellow color that I'm seeing?

Anyone help me out on this?

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