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Hey Devin. School has been really busy, finals are coming up in two weeks, and I go to China a week after that. Two days after I get back I start summer class :roll_eyes:, but I'll only be taking one class, so I'll have considerably more time on my hands. Nothing right now though; I'm hoping to clean out this weekend all of the overgrown emersed stauro (which is flowering) from my 3 ft. iwagumi that I never really got running fully. Probably will just have some coffeefolia in there with some fish this go around, same scape.

But yeah, school along with all of the organizations I'm in takes a lot of time, so I haven't been around here much lately. I'm really fascinated that you've gotten you mangroves to grow the pneumatophores. Pretty inspiring to see that in mangroves that are grown indoors.

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