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New Plants today (150 G) New Algae!

I'm 51 but feel like I'm 10, I was so excited to get my plants today (aquariumplants dot com) and get them in the tank, but now I'm exhausted. I got 5 orders of Cabomba Green and threw out 3 (I forgot there are 5 plants to an order of stem plants), 1 Crinum Calimistratum and they sent an extra that I couldn't use, 1 3 x 5" mat of Eleocharis parvulus I cut into 15 pieces and planted in the foreground, 5 Ludwigia glandulosa and I had to throw out 4, 1 Echinodorus Angustifolia 'Vesuvius' that is really bright green and twistier than anything I've ever seen, and 20 Vallisneria americana var. biwaensis
that I planted on the right side of my tank to create a tall area that will extend 24 inches or so to the water line and they will also shade some Crypts (11) that I already had in the front corner of the tank. The only other plant I had was a Aponogeton crispus in the center of the tank.

I shipped everything 2nd day air because it is cool here in Maryland, but the package was very cold when it arrived from SD. Everything was wrapped very nicely in it's own baggy for each variety of plant, all the plants are very good looking in color, they all had good root structures (except stems), and nothing had any algae at all. My order was $89 but it could have been $70 if I had not over ordered, 2nd air was $21.24 and the only plant that showed any stress was the Crinum Calimistratum, but after an hour in the tank it has seemed to perk up almost to normal. But over all the price was ok, the packing and plants are great, and I would buy from them again anytime. I will also have to say they have come a long way from the last time I ordered (2005) and the whole deal was very proffesional.

I now await Fed Ex for new CF bulbs and misc supplies, gla just sent me a shipping conformation and I will get my ferts early next week, and tomorro I will win my bid on an digital scale on eBay, I'm like a kid in a candy store. If all goes well I will post some pics after all the plant debris settles and the water clears up, if it doesn't go well this is goodbye and I'll never be back.

Current Setup
150EH (extra high) Marineland tank 48x24x30

2 Ehiem 2217 Classic Canister Filters
2 x Hydor 300 watt in line heaters

10# CO2 tank
Parker IR6000 Series dual stage regulator with a Ideal V52-1-12 needle valve and Burkert 6011 solenoid
Carbon Doser EXT5000 External Reactor

Current USA Orbit 4x96 watt CFL fixture
Coralife 4x65 watt CFL fixture

Bulk Reef Supply 6 stage deluxe RO/DI unit w/booster pump and 55 gallon holding tank
Plumbed to drain into the from lawn and deliver RO/DI water to the tank with the turn of a couple of valves

In waiting
Aqua Ultraviolet 15 watt UV strilizer w/wiper awaiting repairs

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