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I'm not sure that I'd call it a poor selection, as they have a ton of tanks to fill, but a great many of the tanks were empty the few times I was there in the last week or two. It probably creates the impression that they have less stock than they actually do.

As far as their shrimp go, they've got 3 or 4 varieties that are labeled as blueberry, blackberry, red cherry, bumblebee, but they are so small and poorly colored that it's hard to tell if they're the right variety or not. It seems like their stock spawned then they just didn't buy anymore and kept selling the babies. I bought a few RCS there that were all but clear. (They keep them in a tank with a white sand bottom, so that doesn't help any.) After 10 days or so in my tank they've gotten substantially redder, so those, at the very least, are definitely RCS.

The staff is very hit and miss as well. I was on the hunt for nerites and they had two tanks that supposedly contained them (completely empty.) When I asked if they had any elsewhere or were planning on getting them in any time soon, the lady I talked to tried to sell me pond snails instead and told me to go ask at the desk about the nerites. [expletive deleted] Next time through I happened to spot a smaller nerite in the corner of one of the tanks and found someone who knew it instantly, knew what it was for, knew the price, and lamented the fact that they're having trouble getting them in stock.
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