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Originally Posted by Burks View Post
I just teflon taped the crap out of the top part until I can fix it.
The O rings are easily replacecable. It's like .58 cents per 3-6 O rings. Part number at Lowes is BrassCraft # 0533. The size is 1/4"ID x 3/8"OD x 1/16" Wall Thickness.

You're dealing with rubber O rings and pressurized gas, overtime it's going to wear out.

The Needle Valve like the Custom Products uses a fixed Pin Valve type Actuator. When it goes bad, the whole entire Needle Valve needs to be replaced. The Custom Product Needle Valve I've used in the past cost $45 dollars + if I remembered correctly. Last thing you want to do it replace the same Custom Product Needle Valve within a year of usuage. Wouldn't the .58 cent or so replacement of the O rings be more better to replace then the Pin Valve Actuator on the higher end ASA Needle Valve.

The setup isn't meant for everybody. Although it works fine and all. I plan to replace my O rings on the depress pin when it comes to my 5 month refill this coming May. It's only .58 cents and think of it like a maintenance type ordeal.

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