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Thanks a million, guys!

Originally Posted by Gatekeeper View Post
My only critique would have been to bench the soil up more inside the water line to really bring the roots into the shoreline more, but you could easily mask that with some plants.
I know, I know!
I could easily have made the hardscape to "fill in" under the rootsies, too. But I wanted to maximize the amount of water in the tank, and left open the lower parts.
I hope some of the plants I'm working with start showing some growth eventually, so they'll fill in the bottom a bit, as you say.

Hydro, I'm really interested to see what you come up with in that brackish riparium of yours! I'm going to steal all your ideas and results as far as plants go.

In addition to having potential for better water quality with more water (there's about 40 gallons), I'm able to put in some other fish, such as these bumblebee gobies:

There's also a trio of Anableps growing up a bit on their way to a 250 brackish tank:

Thanks again!

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