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Originally Posted by jahmic View Post
Lol, we have the same taste in fish I see :b I have Danios and Darios in my nano as well...

And was actually just looking for chili rasboras for the new setup...possibly. Where did you find yours?
I was originally going for the cpd's but at the time they were 8.00 per, and the cross banded were 4.00 per lol. They have turned into one of my favorite fish by far. I rank them up with my neon rainbows in the 36 gal. The Dario were an impulse buy (less than a day research) the chilis were researched, I needed a top dwelling fish, and they fir the bill. I got them from aqua imports for 4.49 each. If they do not have them, they can order them. DaveH said that there is a place online to get them for cheaper.
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