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Welcome to TPT! I was a loyal storefront customer up in the GTA before being transferred down to Massachusetts, and am happy to be reaping the benefits of the lower prices down here.

I'm thrilled to hear you'll be expanding your selection of plant-based products, and have been impressed with the responsiveness you've shown both for comments and concerns here. With that in mind here's a thought that's been percolating in my mind:

PAR values for bulb/lamp combos. You've got the lighting kits by the dozens; would you be willing to spend some time and gather a bit of data on the light produced by some of your most popular makes and models? We've had a running discussion in the lighting section of lighting type and bulb brand/K value vs PAR at various distances, but have been limited by the limited equipment each hobbiest has/differing bulb age/differing measuring technique etc... I would be eternally grateful if you compiled this data, and from a marketing standpoint you could release the data as jpegs with your brand all over it. Any additional accurate (and useful) technical specs I feel would both assist the novice and appeal to us fanatics.

Thanks for listening and for your sponsorship.
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