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Forgot that I grabbed a shot while I was planting...

I decided to not give myself another headache trying to scape the tank with water in there. Decided to plant everything while it was dry, which was SO much easier. I just kept misting in between...seemed to work out well.

And it's a good thing, because this is the mess I made when I added water:

Flourite + MGO = huge mess. I couldn't imagine trying to see what I was doing through that crap In all honesty, I didn't rinse the flourite as much as I did the previous time, and I rinsed the last layer of flourite and added it to the tank just before planting and filling the tank...which probably added to the mess. It's slowly clearing up...I'm going to drop in a cheap in-tank filter today so that the plants can get some more light...canister probably won't be here til later this week.
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