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Originally Posted by latnem View Post
Hello! So this will be the first summer that I have a heated aquarium. I'm wondering a few things.

I live in the desert (las vegas) does anyone else live in a warm climate? Hopefully someone with experience can help out.

Summer is approaching and it will be getting very hot, normally while at work I do not keep my Air Conditioning on. I'm wonder what changes need to be made for the summer.

Should I turn down my tank heater? Turn off? Will I need to start keeping the AC on just for the tank? How warm will my tank get in relationship to my room temperature? (its a 55g tank)

I would like the tank to remain around 78-80f I would say the hottest the room could get without AC is 88f.
Set your thermostat to 80 or there about and turn off your heater.

BTW. If you're of the habit of leaving off the AC during the day and turning it on when you get home you are not saving any money. I've heard it stated many times by home experts and utility companies to set your thermostat and let your AC run as needed. Your AC unit does not have to run as hard either as it would cooling down a hot house. Oh, and one more thing I've heard recently keep your AC unit shaded. You can save 10% on your electric bill doing so.
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