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Originally Posted by Monika1013 View Post
Why are you waiting for the driftwood before you get the plants? You can always move the plants/trim them once the driftwood comes in.
Because my plants and Narrow Leaf Java Fern, Anubias Petite and Moss Ball! Apart from Moss Balls, they need to be attached to rocks (narrow leaf java fern) and driftwood (Anubias)

I've heard of horror stories with ghost shrimps and red cherry shrimps so make sure you read up on that as the ghost might eat your rcs. Also, put some form of prefilter on your intake to prevent shrimp from being sucked up.

Looks pretty good so far and I love that light!!
No, once the tank is cycled, I will move them to another aquarium (0.25G)... If you follow the 12 shrimp / gallon rule, they will be fine!! I put a piece of pantyhose on the intake (last pic, reply #7)!!

I love the light too, it's very bright but not too much!!!

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