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New Pics!!!

I managed to land some plants at the CAS auction today so the tank has some new to me plants lol I kept the anubias after a quick H2o2 dip. The Parva was also kept. I kept my tiger lotus, and brought in some of the star grass from my 36, added a small stem of Hygrophila Kompact, and added the rest to my 36 gal. There is a very small stem of Ludwiga ovalis, a couple stems of Rotala rotundifolia. Lets see if I can get them to bush out like the didlipsis did lol.

The fish were NOT happy with me, With my sparkling gourami being the most pissed lol. Once I got them in the new home, they seem to be very interested. Jelly one of my two badis has already staked claim to the small cave created under part of the driftwood. He has chased everyone out so far. Peanut butter the other badis is still searching for his home.

I still have some planting to do. the area in the lower left is going to get a carpet of marsilea hirsuta when I find some. This should help hold the slope in the tank well. The plan is to let the stems in the back bush out, and leave the foreground with as little clutter as possible.

The tank location. messy from the tank tear down.

Tank getting filled!!!

Freshly filled, restocked and planted!

Mandatory quarter shot!

Moon lights.... it is more awesome in person!
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