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Arrow 2.5G Hex Tank (56K) Journal!!!

Alright guys,
So I've been asking questions on here for a while now and I decided to set-up this tank that I already had!

Tank: 2.5G Hex Tank
Filter: Red Sea Nano Filter
Heater: Hydor Mini Heater 7W
Light: 7W Perch Light (Tom Aquatics)
Substrate: Sand (boiled and cleaned)
Ferts: ???
CO2: None

Narrow Leaf Java Fern
Anubias Petite
Moss Ball

6 RCS (will have more within a few months)
2 Nerites (either horned or tracked)

Here are some pics:

This is where the tank is sitting, on my desk next to my crappy tv and skull piggy bank

This is a full tank shot

Top View

Close up front

Close up of filter and light, the piece of foam is there temporarily until I build my stand/base/hood!

Close up of intake

I am waiting on my driftwood (should arrive in 1-1.5 weeks), then I will order my plants (2-3 days to ship)... I am currently cycling the tank... Will go get three ghost shrimp tomorrow to clean up the food from the sand!

Sometime in the next week probably, I will build a surround/hood/base for the tank!!

Subscribe or come often... Lots of updates!!!
Any comments/critics are welcomed
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