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Flora Fun!

Here goes my fourth planted tank!!

I just purchased a Fluval Flora to replace my 10 gal tank. Since I have an arrangement of only two tanks at a time in the house lol, I will be tearing down the 10 gal. and placing this tank where the 10 gal once stood.

My plans are:
Replace the stock light with one of my 26 watt CFL clip on desk lamps.
Reuse my paintball co2 system for this tank (the included co2 system would cost me a fortune to keep running with the price of the canisters)

I am going to use everything else that came with the tank. Including leaving the foam rock background (I like it).

I do plan a dramatic slope in the tank from back left to front right. This may or may not include rock, or the piece of driftwood that was in my 10 gal, all will be decided when I do the setup lol.

The plants will all be taken from my 36 gal, and some from the 10 gal for the initial planting.

I do have some led moon lights that will make the move to this tank as well.

Stay tuned for the setup.

Here are some un-boxing pics.

everything included in the box.

My little helper (more like terror sometimes) My daughters cat "Cupcake"

Everything in one shot.
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