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Sorry for the late response. Started a new position at work and have been busy.
Nice looking tank. I need to get down there and get a rimless. I heard Jimmy sold the store (he actually tried to sell it to me). Hopefully the new owner is as nice and helpful. Hope they don't change what they carry.

Yeah, I really like the Badis. They are fun to watch. Very curious and take their time when looking at what they want to eat.

I picked up a mixed bag of shrimps down at Sierra in Renton (traded for some Golden Wonder killis I had) The shrimp went right to work on the algae.

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got the rimless from Aquarium Plus down in the International District/Chinatown. Had to make a customized cabinet and found some lights that would not cost so much when replacing the bulbs. Jimmy just sold his store, but should still be carrying rimless tanks. I also purchased a CO2 setup from him (20lb tank - should last for years), but upgraded to a Azoo regulator (from Dr. Smith). Also, purchased a rhinox bubble counter (ebay Asia) & diffuser (ebay N.Y.) - (both came with a cheaper set, but liked the looks of these better). Right now in search of some better priced lily pipes.

Plants: HC, moss balls, Nesaea triflora, Heteranthera zosterifolia, Rotala macrandra (narrow leaf), and dwarf hairgrass. Tried Blyxa japonica, but it started to melt, so I throw in my 55g low tech tank and see what will happen.

Just added some corals in my canister. Looks like pH shot up to around 6.2, will do another WC and remove half the corals to see if I can get it to stabilize to 6.0 - 6.2.

I also had initial algae problem, but reduce light/CO2 time from 12 hrs to 9 hrs and added Excel right after WC (did around 50% for a few days). Looks like that did the trick. Have tank running for a little a month. This is the first planted hi-tech tank for me, so all a learning curve.

I will check with Liem down in the ID and see if he has any Badis.
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