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Got some great looking manzanita in the mail today...time to decide on a hardscape.

Here's the options I came up with so far...leaning towards either #1 or #3, but still haven't decided for sure. I have a couple days to play with this before planting the tank, so any suggestions (even outside of what I've come up with) are welcome. I may do some trimming once I decide on something for sure...but for now I just arranged the pieces around intact.

Anyway, I'm basically going for the look of stumps along a riverbank, with the roots going into the water. The bottom "third" of the tank will be filled, with the "stumps" above the waterline, surrounded by terrestrial plants.


2) - If I use this one, the branch on the far right that sticks out to the right/front of the tank would be cut off, moving the "structure" of the 2 pieces over to the right. If you can see the 2 branches running perpendicular to the branch that would be cut off...that would essentially be lined up close to the right side of the tank.


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