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I may have to take a trip to Charlotte or Charleston some day then. A bit disillusioned by Columbia.

Petsmart in the Harbison area is good. Petsmart in the North East near me is pretty dire in terms of keeping fish alive.

Fishy Business is OK- except the people there seem pretty clueless. Few years back looking for Flourish Excel- I had to explain to one guy what it was for- he said he never stocked it because he couldn't figure out why anyone would want carbon in their tank. (I notice they stock it now though). He then told me to put seltzer water in my tank.

Last time I went there looking for Pearl Gourami I was told there is no such fish.

Every time I go they tell me something crazy so I certainly wouldn't ask them for advice any more then I would a bix box chain. Decent selection- their plant selection has improved over the years... pretty pricey. Frequently have fish mislabeled.

Their stock does look semi-healthy though... it is also nice to have an actual LFS. Just wish there was an alternative.

Overall I think Petsmart on Harbison has the healthiest stock in town and a fairly decent selection.

They've even price-matched me for online prices at competitors (even though corporate policy is brick and mortar price matching).

North East Petsmart told me they don't price match.

Overall though- I've brought fish at all three places and never had a problem with anything I've purchased. LOL- I even bought fish at Superpetz before they went under... that was a bit of a gamble- but all the fish stayed healthy.

I usually try to buy online though if I can and shipping isn't too prohibitive. I certainly don't think anywhere in Columbia is worthwhile asking for advice from. Petsmart cycle through staff too quick and Fishy Business haven't a clue.
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