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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
Yeah, pretty overstocked. Try using, it will give you a stocking percentage. Also, you really want to lower that water, because sooner or later, something's gonna decide to make a jump. Especially when it THAT high. I love the scarlet badis, have always been a fan of them. I've never actually seen a wrestling halfbeak before, but I agree, they do look like dwarf Arowana! So overall, the tank looks really good, as does the scape. But keep those rams well fed so they don't kill your shrimp. They may anyway though. And lower the water. Good luck!
I had the water topped off for the photo.. back to normal now.

I love the Badis too. So much personality in such a small fish. He's been there from the beginning. Refuses any food I give him, but he looks fat and happy.. I have no idea what he's eating.
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