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Thanks for the comments!

Sorry to mislead some of you, only the current scape is about a week old and most of the plants were added about a week ago. The tank itself has been running for 8 months or so. I just did a 100% rescape about a week ago. I tested the water to make sure there were no toxic spikes before I added any livestock.

I'm watching the Rams closely to see if they display any aggression toward the shrimp, and there are plenty of places for them to hide. (The stump has a huge hollow area where the Rams can't get to. The Halfbeaks never leave the surface, so I doubt they will bother the shrimp, but that's a good point. They're so small that I didn't really think of that.. they are pretty aggressive at feeding time though, so given the chance, I bet they'd have a go at a shrimp at least.. but again, I don't think anything could get the shrimp in there. In any case, I wouldn't put any of my high grade CRS in there.
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