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2.9 Gallon Fantasy Tree Stump! *pics*

This is my second journal. As with my 12 gallon long, I started this journal late. This scape is only about a week or so old though, so it should be pretty well documented.. just missing some of the set-up pictures that I wish I had taken.

I'll be sure to update this with new pictures about once a week or so. Thanks for looking!!

***Updated pictures on June 25 2011 at the last page of this thread.. (here is the tank as of May 21 2011)***


Tank: Mini-S 2.9 Gallon

Substrate: ADA AquaSoil

Lighting: Archaea 27watt

Ferts: YamatoGreen-N

C02: Mini Paintball System

Filtration: ZooMed 501


Hemianthus Callitrichoides

Echinodorus Tenellus 'pink'

Fissiden Fontanus

Willow Moss


Rotala Indica

Marsilea Quadrifolia

Hydrocotyle Verticillata

Hydrocotyle Sibthorpioides

Ammannia sp. 'bonsai'


Three German Blue Rams

An A grade Crystal Red Shrimp

Three Snowball Shrimps

Two Wrestling Halfbeaks

One guppy

One Scarlet Badis


This is right after I filled it up for the first time. The Aqua Soil, turned my scape to mud!! Hahah.

.. and after some cleaning up and rescaping, here's how it currently looks:

Water level is above the tank sides

This wood stump is from my previous tank, so it has a head start with some mosses, and the Süßwassertang is already well established.

And here are the tank inhabitants:

German Blue Ram, "Rammstein" :p

Snowball Shrimp:

"Rammstein" again:

Wrestling Halfbeak:
These lil guys are super cute. I put a piece of food in the tweezers, and they chase it around the tank. Amazing personality for such a small fish. It's like you're playing with a dog! They look a lot like a micro Arrowana to me.

My Scarlet Badis: He could be my favorite fish. Adorable.

Another one of my Blue Rams:

I had this plant, (Eriocaulin Sp. "Australia" Blood Red) but it melted. I think it needs RO.. boo.

So, that's about it for now. Thanks so much for looking! Please subscribe, or check back often, like I said, I'll be updating this every week or so.

Comments/suggestions welcome!

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