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Jahmic's 35 tall low-tech riparium

I didn't plan on having a second tank anytime soon...but picked this up for free from a friend:

~35 gallon 'tall' The measurements are 30"x12"x22.5", which puts it right around 32 gallons taking into account the glass thickness.

In any case...decided the dimensions were pretty perfect to build a riparium. Decided to go low tech and low maintenance on this one since my nano has pressurized CO2 and EI dosing. Just had to be different

Lighting - 30" Coralife T5HO 31W x 2

Substrate - Miracle Grow organic potting mix capped with Flourite regular

Filtration - Eheim 2213

edit: Initially I was going to go with an acrylic canopy...but it looks like I'm going to try to stick to an open top, and see how that goes.

Fundulopanchax gardneri (pair)
Nannostomus beckfordi (x5)
Paracheirodon axelrodi (x9)
Hemigrammus rhodostomus (x5)
Trichogaster chuna
Cardina japonica (x 'how ever many my female killi has decided to not eat yet')


Cryptocoryne Wendtii (various sp.)
Cryptocoryne x willisii c. lucen
Cryptocoryne spiralis
Cryptocoryne retrospiralis
Cryptocoryne balensae
Hygrophila pinnatifida

Sygnonium (sp?)
Staphiphyllum (sp?)
Pandanus tecotrius
Pilea mollis (Moon Valley)

Full tank shots:

4/24/11 - a rough start...





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